A380 : Regio Lease new challenge

A380 : Regio Lease new challenge

NEWSLETTER - June 2020

A380 : Regio Lease new challenge

15 Years ago, the giant took its first flight in France. It could carry more people, more comfortably than ever before. Most passengers love this plane, especially for its spaciousness and extra comfort.
However, the worldwide situation our industry is facing leads now the Leasing companies to manage the new life of this aircraft type and make sure its residual value remains at the highest as possible while minimize their exposure. The market will drive its future.

In order to respond this need, Regio Lease has developed a dedicated technical team on this aircraft type. This team is reinforcing its re-delivery expertise on A380 already present with the Aircraft lessor’s. It has been a great challenge to be solicited by another  Lessor as a provider to manage and support an additional A380 which were operated by Air France. The expertise of the Regio Lease team is recognized with three A380 re-delivery for different owners.

Regio lease is always focusing to provide the high level of services to its customers. Our objectives are to make sure the asset value is carefully managed, in the interest of our clients. More than 100 airplanes are managed by Regio Lease every year, from Airbus to Boeing, ATR, Embraer and Beechcraft.

The panel of our services is adapted to offer a complete range including:

  • Delivery and re-delivery: Regio Lease assist leasing company to determine and verify the conditions of delivery/ redelivery,
  • Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation for aircraft in storage and in operation, by managing and organising all documents and publications for maintenance Organizations Part 145 and Part M,
  • Registration support for aircraft transition
  • Ferry Flight support including all services necessary for organize and assist a ferry flight.
  • EASA Import and Export support and Air Ops compliance check
  • Aircraft valuation & pre-buy inspection

A380 members team testimony on is experience

Working on these A380’s transitions were a great opportunity to see how the aircraft size could impact several organization aspects around a transition (e.g. physical inspections). But also, it raised new challenges in term of aircraft’s traceability assessment (e.g. avionics software’s). It is always highly informative to see how differently each airline manages this special aircraft.

These two first A380’s transitions were very instructive for Regio Lease’s team as per their own different contexts and constraints, it contributes to still growing our expertise and our own processes in this specific activity. A third A380 transition project already started, also with its own context

Gregory, A380 Project Manager