A/C Marketing & Trading

Contract Negotiation

  • Supporting or drafting your LOI/Lease Agreement documentation
  • Optimizing your deal negotiation

Aircraft remarketing

  • Optimizing aircraft placement for owners (lease/sale) / superior market knowledge
  • Proactive assessment of asset disposal and acquisition opportunities

Aircraft sourcing

  • Arranging deals for investors / financial institutions
  • Search for aircraft matching your operating needs
A/C Repossession

A/C Repossession

Main steps of the repossession process

Regio Lease has repossessed 10 aircrafts over the past three years for various customers like KFH, GECAS, HSH NORDBANK, BOC AVIATION, ECC LEASING…

  • Obtain the aircraft deregistration from the local Authority
  • Register the aircraft under the new marks
  • Recover the aircraft historical records and status
  • Apply the registration marks on the aircraft
  • Determine if the recovery and cost involved make sense to the owner
  • Perform the return to service if necessary or induct the aircraft in a storage period.
  • Support all deviation identified to minimize the onsite work with a manufacturer approval for the aircraft ferry out.
  • Prepare the aircraft and records for the survey of the Authority registration
  • On site aircraft and records presentation to be granted with a CofA
  • Manage any issues we may have concerning the dues of the ex operator
  • Export the aircraft
  • Operate a ferry flight outside the country where the aircraft has been repossessed
  • Aircraft Recovery check in view of its next operation and new life

Registration Support
(A/C export management)

REGIO LEASE provides aircraft registration support on several levels.

Taking into account the stakes of the owner or operator, we will choose the most cost effective country and register to welcome your asset. It could be a temporary register for your asset transition or aircraft transfer through a French temporary register (F-W), US register (N-), Isle of Man, as well as many others over the world to ensure the most efficient service in time and quality.

In addition, we can provide support for operative registers for commercial air transport within EASA countries (France, Ireland, etc.).

Through our extensive experience and close relationship with Aviation Authorities, we offer support in relations with the authorities for complex Flight Operations and sensitive operations, as well as technical environments that may require foreign registration of the aircraft.


Regio Lease provides independent and professional services that can be tailored to the specific needs of airlines. The primary benefit of using auditing services is the confidence that it gives you and your stakeholders that your "house" is in order. We provide proactive advice to maximize the potential of your business and to minimize risk

Having audits performed with qualified auditors to ensure their operations, policies and procedures comply with the highest international aviation safety standards. It can uncover problems before they become significantly more serious. Conducting consistent audits and driving continuous improvement within your organization is key to safety management.

We can conduct internal audits on your organization as a whole, departmental or base audits. We can also conduct audits on your third party contract providers. Whether you are an airline, small aircraft operator, charter operator, maintenance provider or have contracted services to operators we have a solution for you. You can specify the scope of the audit, whether it is on a part of your organization, or, your entire organization, or even on a third-party organization that you have contracted or wish to contract.

We are able to assist you in setting up an audit program for your organization so that you can self-audit. You just need to tell us what it is you would like to achieve and we will map out a tailored solution for you.
We at Regio Lease believe that a good business structure is the key to the success of any company.