Regio Lease in partnership on new Airbus A330-300 E Class cargo conversion

Regio Lease in partnership on new Airbus A330-300 E Class cargo conversion

In its Châteauroux hangar, VALLAIR has unveiled last Friday the first ever E Class widebody freighter conversion of an Airbus A330. This innovative solution is the result of a joint investment between France-based companies VALLAIR and UUDS, which is Part 21 certified, with support of REGIO LEASE as associated CAMO partner and Deucalion Aviation Limited who managed 2 Airbus A330-300 aircraft already scheduled to undertake this innovative E Class conversion.

Airbus A330-300 E Class cargo conversion

Airbus A330 cargo conversions are extremely popular as airlines are using the aircraft to expand into new markets and fly longer routes, it delivers best-in-class capability and greater fuel efficiency.

“Reversible, reconfigurable, fast and low-cost – this is a game-changer for the air cargo industry” says Grégoire Lebigot, founder, president and CEO of VALLAIR. « We are proud to have brought our expertise to this project that gives a sustainable future for P2F aircraft which have flown under EASA derogation during the COVID crisis » adds Laurent Le Minh Loc, founder and CEO of REGIO LEASE, member of AVICO GROUP.


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Read the Press Release: Vallair and UUDS Group, in partnership with Regio Lease & Deucalion Aviation, announce their Airbus A330-300 E Class cargo conversion (PDF) from VALLAIR