Airworthiness Review Services

Airworthiness Review Services

ARC Recommendation

  • ARC : Airworthiness Review Certificate

Our EASA Part M Sub Part I allows us to deliver Airworthiness Review services such as :

  • Aircraft Airworthiness records and physical review and issuance of Airworthiness
  • Review Report
  • Recommendation for ARC Initial Issue (Import/Export)
  • Recommendation for ARC Renewal


With their recognized know-how and experienced and reliable team, REGIO LEASE, a Part M Subpart G+I organization, provides Aircraft delivery and Aircraft Redelivery management to both leasing companies and airlines.

The process, based on Aircraft physical inspection and records conditions, regulatory environment and delivery or redelivery conditions, aims at highlighting the compliance and discrepancies with the Lease Agreement or Purchase Agreement.

Upon request, the detailed report set up for these operations may be used as a support to obtain Certificate of Airworthiness or Certificate of Airworthiness for Export or Import.

We support the Phase-In and Phase-Out process and perform the necessary aircraft audits and records reviews for Delivery / Redelivery conditions

EASA Air-Ops Compliance

EASA Air-Ops Compliance

EASA AIR-OPS establishes the requirements for the operation of any civil airplane for the purpose of commercial air transportation and applies to operators whose main place of business is within an EU Member State.

REGIO LEASE conducts records and physical inspections in conjunction with the EC N° 859/2008 requirements and provides statements of compliance with EASA AIR-OPS and CS 26 for aircrafts being imported.

Check Supervision

Check Supervision

On-site representatives to ensure the follow-up during maintenance c-checks, refurbishment or working parties.

On-site representatives activities:

  • Participate in the production meeting with the MRO.
  • Liaison with the MRO on all technical matters (and logistics activities, if contractually required).
  • Issuance reports for the customer (on defined basis).
  • Identify and highlight major risks that could impact project schedule and cost.
  • Monitor all additional and/or deferred works with the customer maintenance organization.
  • Ensure that all maintenance is carried out in accordance within the defined work-scope and approved maintenance program.
  • Ensure that Aircraft is released in accordance with defined rules.
  • Coordinate aircraft departure and supervise briefing and debriefing with the flight crew.
  • Ground and flight test observer (assist the customer with ferry flight preparation if required).
Pre-Buy Inspection

Pre-Buy Inspection

Aircraft inspections are performed based on the conditions of the Aircraft.
Our methodology consists of the following:

Preliminary physical inspection, audit of records keeping of the company and collecting technical documentation as per our Airworthiness Documentation

Request lists are performed on-site or in our office if records in electronic format are available.

Aircraft records review and statuses survey by sampling for the Pre-Buy Inspection Report is based on the inspection of the technical documentation of the Aircraft,

Aircraft history and technical status of the Aircraft, supplied by the owner or the previous operator.

Asset Inspection

Asset Inspection

The Asset Inspection Report is based on the inspection of the technical documentation of the aircraft, aircraft history and technical status of the aircraft.

The inspection process could be summarized in two steps :

  • Firstly, review of the aircraft technical records in our Paris office (electronic data must be available).

    A full documented review of the aircraft records shall be carried out in order to be satisfied that all maintenance events are properly recorded and all airworthiness requirements are met (Registration papers, List of deferred defects, AFM including aircraft configuration, Aircraft maintenance program, Maintenance data, Relevant work packages, AD statuses, MOD & SB status, Repair approval sheets, List of service life-limited components, Relevant EASA Form 1 or equivalent, Weight & balance report and equipment list, Aircraft & Engine (propellers if any) TC Data Sheets.)

    As a minimum, sample checks within each document category should be carried out.
  • And secondly, inspectors will visit the operator organization in order to physically inspect the technical records as well as the aircraft.