Part 145

Part 145

Boroscopic inspection 

In accordance with the manufacturer's documentation, we carry out internal inspections of engines, APUs and airframes.

The entire inspection is saved on video.

Defects are measured in 3D for greater precision and a better definition of the technical tolerance.

Boroscopic inspection

Expertise report

Following the inspection, a detailed digital and/or paper report is produced, along with the conclusions of the expertise as well as the EASA Form1 release document according to EASA Part145 regulations.

In order to guarantee a reliable and personalized follow-up, Savina Technic provides you with a secure archive. All our interventions in the form of videos, photographs, or texts, are accessible to you, through your personalized cloud on this site, allowing you to follow the overall aging or the evolution of a defect.


Blending repairs

In order to provide even more services, depending on the inspection results, defects are rectified in accordance with the manufacturer's documentation.

Permanent repairs are performed with specialized and certified tools via the same access points as the Boroscopy.

Here the video showing blending repair on CFM 56, HPC Blade.