Asset Inspection

Asset Inspection

The Asset Inspection Report is based on the inspection of the technical documentation of the aircraft, aircraft history and technical status of the aircraft.

The inspection process could be summarized in two steps :

  • Firstly, review of the aircraft technical records in our Paris office (electronic data must be available).

    A full documented review of the aircraft records shall be carried out in order to be satisfied that all maintenance events are properly recorded and all airworthiness requirements are met (Registration papers, List of deferred defects, AFM including aircraft configuration, Aircraft maintenance program, Maintenance data, Relevant work packages, AD statuses, MOD & SB status, Repair approval sheets, List of service life-limited components, Relevant EASA Form 1 or equivalent, Weight & balance report and equipment list, Aircraft & Engine (propellers if any) TC Data Sheets.)

    As a minimum, sample checks within each document category should be carried out.
  • And secondly, inspectors will visit the operator organization in order to physically inspect the technical records as well as the aircraft.